Foo Fighters Times Like These Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Dave Grohl; the ultimate rock god! Check out this electric guitar lesson of the classic Times Like These by the Foo Fighters.

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  1. Thanks for supporting

  2. Antonello Palombi

    You are the best

  3. Do you have a video on how to play snuff by slipknot?

  4. антон валитов

    E-E-E-E-EEY!!!! Love this song?but always playing acoustic version. Now the time for full version. Thank you Marty

  5. Hey Marty your videos are amazing. I am getting married next year and I wanted to learn my Mrs fav song. Ellie Goulding’s song Anythjng Could Happen. Any chance you can help me? I thought some of her high pitch singing could be replaced by a little solo.

  6. Hey marty love the lessons really helping me improve at guitar thank you for your help man I was wondering if you could maybe do love buzz by nirvana if not its OK I just think it's a good song and would love to learn it

  7. Great video! Next you should do Gypsy Road by Cinderella

  8. can you please do “you know you’re right” by nirvana? love your channel!!!

  9. Could you post up a how-to on Sweet Baby James by James Taylor?

  10. Stop motion King

    The da da da da da bit when he plays it is so so rong watch dave grol play it in fact marty is playing most of the song rong

  11. Marty. The lack of Jack White songs on your channel is unfortunate at best and a travesty at worst. We need the new Raconteurs album broken down!!!

  12. Jennifer Getchell

    Could you do s lesson of hooky by puddle of mudd csnt find any tabs

  13. Matthew Zitella

    Can anyone tell me what amplifier Marty is using (just the brand) thank you!

  14. Always my go to lesson guy on youtube ! Wish you could do some lil more heavier songs in the future!

  15. Hey Marty, I know you're getting a lot of requests but could you do some blues rock licks? Been a while since you taught some and my arsenal is getting stale lol. Thanks

  16. Can you please do Next Year by foo fighters

  17. Hey Marty was hoping you could do a lesson on charming man by the smiths

  18. Hey Marty, hope you could also make a tutorial of Could I love you Anymore by JMraz…Big fan here!!!


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