"For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield – Easy guitar lesson

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Beginner Strumming Lesson: http://www.heartwoodguitar.com/blog/2005/04/16/strumming-101/


0:00 Song Preview
0:41 Intro

2:03 Chords Overview
4:22 Verse Progression
5:10 Chorus Progression

6:13 Folk Strum Pattern
9:08 Strumming a Verse
9:44 Strumming a Chorus

11:22 Finding a Good Key for Your Voice
14:03 Finding Starting Notes

15:02 Harmonics Riff
16:24 Main Riff

18:18 Full Song Performance: Play Along!
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  1. Great lesson – like the help with the singing

  2. Best lesson on this song I,ve found. I am just kind of intermediate level now, is there a little mid section and outro you could run over, just to make it a little more full. Great stuff!

  3. AshleyCowanMusic

    I love how you put the lyrics to the chords. So helpful! To the subscribe button!

  4. What to do if fingers hurt initially

  5. Just learned my first guitar song! I must say this is a great lesson… Thank-you!

  6. Furkan Taha Önder

    You are awesome man!

  7. I have followed other tutorials based on this song, but this is the best one. I like how you learn the chords, the strum and the riff all at once, so if you get bothered by one thing, you practice the other. And in the end you can almost seem to be a semi-competent guitar player, LOL

  8. 2 year since last comment. I must say this is a great lesson… Thank-you!

  9. Seriously great lesson. Thank you for being clear and simple to follow. Good instructors are hard to come by! You are the man!

  10. I just subscribed! Looking forward to perusing your channel…

  11. Bravo! Well done!!!

  12. Rajesh Yogeshwar

    Awesome tutorial! Got one more subscriber 😛

  13. First time view , i really like is style and thinkhe is one of best…

  14. GREAT instructional video…thank you !

  15. Great Job, I'm a beginner, took a 8 wk group guitar class at the Local recreation Center, it was just okay, I'm also doing Jamplay online, but you were phenomenal. My weakness is the strumming and cord changes and this will help me in both.

    Watching you, I just noticed that the cord switch occurs at the first completion of the Strumming segment. Didnt really know when to switch to new cord.

    I was getting bored just going from cord to cord on a metronome, C-A-G-E-D- and Back to C

  16. Very comprehensive tutorial for a beginner/intermediate player. You covered it all. Great job, and thank you for your video.

  17. good lesson but I really think the chorus is E-D-A-D-E Both the C and A# chord don't harmonize correctly with the vocals.

  18. Rob Hampton,Thank you for the wonderfully easy directions and tips. much appreciated

  19. Rob Hampton,Thank you for the wonderfully easy directions and tips. much appreciated

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