Foreigner – Hot Blooded – Electric Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

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This is a guitar lesson on how to play “Hot Blooded” by “Foreigner” taught & instructed by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from and…I am available for studio session work and touring…­­­­­­­­ Feel free to subscribe to my channel.Be sure to watch for my official website coming in 2014 and become a “Premium Member”


  1. Nice job

  2. Mike, you sure that the last chord is an F5, not a C suspended?

  3. mike gross very good teacher for beginners like me

  4. great lesson mike you make it easy for us beginners. love your crue stuff. can you do jukebox hero lesson?

  5. Hey man just wanted to say thank you for all of your lessons. They are very helpful and i have learned alot of my favorite songs from you.

  6. lol your funny man.thanks

  7. The first Foreigner song I heard was "Juke Box Hero" AWESOME song.. and Soo true for many musicians… I bought my first guitar from a pawn shop and was hooked as well.. although I never made it big.. I GOT big.. (fat.. lol) THANKS for these Mike.. yeah I know I am late.. but hey.. AMAZING STUFF

  8. That was good, so I subscribed. I watched another lesson on this song and it was wrong, and didn't sound right. This sounds right. Good tip on the counting too. I need to do that more often. Thanks… Awesome riff by the way. Heard it on the radio today and had to play it! The internet IS an awesome tool for learning guitar! : )

  9. great lesson

  10. oh ya i here ya bro

  11. Imtherealsaturnsonic

    this is great Mike takes me back to being a young kid 🙂 this song has such a great guitar line! love it

  12. You should do a Rock of Ages series and do all or most of the songs from it 🙂

  13. Excellent

  14. make a lesson an old school song called Cult of Personality – Living Colour Epic song

  15. epic bro

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