Forever Reign Acoustic & Electric Guitar Lesson guitar instructor, Jason Houtsma teaches through both rhythm and lead guitar for the song Forever Reign by Hillsong Live from the album This is Our God. Go directly to full lesson at
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  1. Awesome!

  2. I love it!

  3. I love it!


  5. +worshipartistry what pedal do you use for the eletric guitar during the music video?

  6. Is that the electric guitar doing the intro in the music video?

  7. I would like to hear this without the backtrack and see how it sounds. Will these techniques be full enough during the verses without drums, keyboard, and bass?I like this song, but the verse is kinda humdrum and it's kinda hard to keep people from losing interest…. musically anyway.

  8. Thanks lots!!! 

  9. Deus meu rey Jesus

    What is the name of the acoustic guitar???

  10. Both you guys did an awesome job on a wonderful song. I love the way you display both parts. I will be going to worship artistry for sure!

  11. worshipartistry


  12. Carlos Ricelli

    Thank you, I have learned here in Brazil! God bless you!!

  13. worshipartistry

    It's a mini bucker. Check out the Foundations of Good Tone in the 101 section of the website. It will give you detailed information on all my guitars.

  14. Olumiders Ekis

    Please what fender is this?
    That neck pickup is a humbucker isn't it? Iem looking to get a tele for church in order to broaden my knowledge and playstyle. I play the electro acoustic at church.
    Thank you….I WILL try out the 30-day trial. God bless you!

  15. jaredrampartap

    hey can you please do the lead electric guitar for Hillsong – Rise?

  16. great job guys

  17. worshipartistry

    Also available in the same lesson.

  18. sorry. I meant "strum/drum sound effect". it was like a muted strum (no notes being played at all). I play on medium strings (they're very gassy and thick). how can I do that strum without making any bassy sound?

  19. worshipartistry

    It's palm muted. We have a full lesson on muting at Worship Artistry. You can subscribe for a free 30 days with promo code "youtube30"

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