FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna and Kanye West w Paul McCartney Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna and Kanye West w Paul McCartney Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. Is there another way to play that bar chord on the 12th fret? I can't play it because my guitar doesn't have a cutaway

  2. we miss u man

  3. herbert johansson


  4. thanks for the lesson man :)

  5. This guy has got the most guys laid of anyone on youtube

  6. Bro there is no link below the video

  7. Hands down (or fingers, forgive the pun) the best tutorial Ive found so far on Youtube for this track. Walks you through the chords primarily. But the timing too, which is essential. Patient, informative. easy to follow. Big thumbs up and the easiest 'like' I've ever given.. Thanks.

  8. What guitar is this?

  9. Francescohilardi G

    thank you good job

  10. Then he "sings" starts laughing
    same marty

  11. Nice shirt. …new guitar? ? Great approach. ..awesome teacher. … cool dude. …nuff said

  12. Hi marty you are such a great guitar teacher and i really like your videos. Thanks for posting a tutorial for this song !!! 

  13. The West Side Walruses

    Anyone else think it's hard to see what string he's playing because he has fat fingers

  14. Thanks Marty! Great song to jam to after a long, crap day. Lol

  15. you are going way to fast, the beat is way slower.

  16. Marty I have been watching your videos for years now and I just wanna thank you for sharing your talent for all to enjoy. I also think this is my favorite video because I seriously had to stop and laugh when you chuckled about mr west's "singing". I know what you mean man. Why is he even in this song I'll never know. Thank you again and looking forward for more! 


  18. See you Again please

  19. You are the best, Marty. Roamed around the Internet looking for how to play this song, finding nothing but crap. Finally checked your site and, lo and behold, there it was.
    Thank you!

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