Frank Potenza – Guitar Chord Melody Lesson 1

Frank Potenza - Guitar Chord Melody Lesson 1

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Frank Potenza (Chord Melody Guitar) 1

Description: In part one (1 of 2) of this chord-melody guitar lesson, renowned guitarist Frank Potenza gives you an in-depth look at arranging for solo jazz guitar. Frank takes you through the process of creating a chord-melody guitar arrangement by demonstrating interpretation possibilities, harmonic analysis, voice-leading and more. If you want to learn the art of chord melody from a true master, this jazz guitar masterclass series is for you!

* There is an additional PDF for this video series which includes the embedded notation seen in the videos. The PDF is included in the bundle (seen above for .99) or it can be purchased separately here.

Topics Covered: Solo jazz guitar, chord melody, importance of the melody, comparing lead sheets, finding the basic changes, texture and dynamics, arrangement elements, the verse and chorus, arrangement options and choices, voicings, analysis, pick vs. fingers, harmonizing the melody, etc.

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