FREE BASS GUITAR LESSON: Learning the Major Scale with Brent-Anthony Johnson

JamPlay instructor Brent-Anthony Johnson brings you a lesson on variations of major scale fingerings. Learn four different fingerings for the major scale, along with some great practice exercises!

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  2. Gianpaolo D'Errico

    thank you Sir 🙂 very useful video.. great work!

  3. As a new player that is absolutely infatuated with learning bass; I do thank you.

  4. Well taught! 

  5. Very good lesson. Thank you.

  6. Thank you very much for this lesson!
    It gave me some motivation about a year ago. :)

  7. I also received an acoustic bass guitar with a pickup; the wife overheard me saying "I'd love to be able to play the bass" and bought me one for Christmas. This is by far the best startup lesson I've found on the web. Thank you Brent!

  8. An outstanding lesson! Extremely clear and that is rare with guitar videos :)

  9. Thank you! The split screen is really helpful.  I am a raw beginner. I got a bass from "Santa", a drummer, and I'm lovin' it. 

  10. Brent-Anthony Johnson

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the positive and wonderful comments! If you still have questions, please hit-up my profile at either FaceBook, or LinkedIn. I will gladly answer your questions about the '64 Fender Jazz Bass, my tone choices, or anything else "Bass"! Thanks again!!!

  11. Now this is how you freaking break down a lesson!!!!!

  12. Very in depth content. This helps me as a beginning bassist with practice and learning major scales. Stop worrying about the look of a bass, hear the tone and learn the what is being taught. Great job BAJ!!!

  13. No shortcuts, you have learn the fundamentals.BAJ dropping vital knowledge. II highly recommend this. If I hear one more musician talk about how they want to play better but do not have a basic understanding of major and minor scales and intervals. Now I will direct them here.

  14. castanha?

  15. Notice the pickup that's closer to the neck is a Gibson from a EB-3 bass. He copied Billy Sheehan.

  16. That bass looked like someone raped it

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