free bass guitar lesson Sultans of swing dire straits Click this link for Beginner Bass Mastery DVD Course click this link to receive three FREE bass lessons not found on Youtube – basic to advanced included

free bass guitar lesson Sultans of swing dire straits


  1. I just wanted to thank you , your way cool and you have helped me so much, this is shuch a fun song to play, I've only been play'n about a year, I still don't know my notes but I've been learning by watching and listening , I have a channel its cc1of22016c , wish you might watch it, fair warning , so many boos boos but man is it fun, I know a few more songs but I've not posted them yet, I so wish you would help me learn sweet leaf by Black Sabbath, Awesome song and bass lines , again friend thank you,cindy

  2. this is painful trying to learn this song from this guy

  3. why such a crappy sound on your bass?

  4. Finnbar bass! great stuff. I bought the beginner's lesson. very helpful. recommended for sure. Nice job on the Sultans of Swing my friend! this song rocks!

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