Free Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson Video – Slides

Free Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson Video - Slides

How to play slides on bass guitar – so cool! Go to to get your complete step-by-step course of Bass Lessons Online.
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  1. Your voice sounds like Murdoc from Gorillaz

  2. Much easier on flatwounds, if you use roundwounds your finger will start to burn half way through the exercise!

  3. BassLessonsOnline

    Hello again, Brook
    Thanks for posting some of your musical background.
    Bass of Luck with your progress!

  4. thanks for the lesson! I really enjoyed it 🙂 Im thirteen and have played acoustic but never bass before. But i love the bass because of Stuart Sutcliffe so I'm going to try to learn now. My guitars a four string epiphone and im working to get a hofner club 🙂

  5. BassLessonsOnline

    Thank you for your kind comment and for showing your appreciation. There are quite a few hammer-on videos on You Tube, so I hope you find a suitable one.
    Kind regards,

  6. omg! you are an amazing teacher!!! thank you sooo much!!!
    could you make a video on how to do a hammer on??

  7. im on it, sir 😀

  8. BassLessonsOnline

    Thanks for your post. Enjoy your results.

  9. sliding like a fuckin boss

  10. BassLessonsOnline

    Yes, it is simple enough. Thanks for your post.
    Kind regards,

  11. Thanks that seems to be simple enough to follow. I've got the other person beat I'm 56 1/2 and just relearning from my teen yrs to early adult when I played by ear. I want to learn the right way now. I'll be checking out your site

  12. Christopher Colomy-Moore

    Always the bass puns LOL

  13. BassLessonsOnline

    Hello Lee. Thanks for your post.
    All the bass!

  14. Metatron Osiris

    50 years old, and getting my 1st bass guitar, thank you for the excellent instruction. Lee

  15. BassLessonsOnline

    If you are going back and forth one or two frets, then it is fine to not move the entire hand. However, as soon as you want to move further you have to move the entire hand anyway. Just use the technique that suits the purpose.
    Bass of Luck!

  16. halfgoatbeefslushie

    when doing short slides (like 2 or 3 frets), is it okay to move only one finger (pointer finger) or should i still move the entire hand as shown in exercises?

  17. BassLessonsOnline

    Great – thanks for your kind comment!

  18. I was looking through a bunch of bass tutorials and they were getting boring, I came to you and your accent made me smile. I think I might just have to subscribe. :]

  19. Christler Tabirara

    @BassLessonsOnline sure 🙂 ur tutorials are great anyway, it really helped me a lot 😀

  20. BassLessonsOnline

    That's great news; thanks for posting.

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