Free Beginner Finger Picking Guitar Lesson With Scott Grove Acoustic
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  1. Hey Scott, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you doing this and for free!

  2. Awesome!!! Since I have a small hand I need to anchor with pinky and use the three fingers on bottom three strings….. muscle memory works lol

  3. Great teacher!

  4. You are a riot man !!

  5. I can never find anywhere to put my wrist on the wood without muting anything or straining my hand. So I've always just awkwardly had it in the air cuz thats where it naturally goes

  6. Great tutorial; simply amazing. Love and thanks from India.

  7. Hey my wrist is bit resting on the low E string so is it wrong or is it fine

  8. Thank You Scott, I 100% agree with Michael, below. I really enjoy your approach to life, also.

  9. you rock !!!! thanks Scott

  10. can you please show me how to pick the preacher.

  11. Scott Grove good lessons keep em coming.

  12. Great picking

  13. You think knowing Boston makes you old? How about me, I still refer to them as a Johnny come lately band, along with Kansas, Foreigner, Scorpions, etc… I mean, Cream, Hendrix, Sabbath, Moby Grape, The Who, were all around before any of those bands, and they're the ones that made me want to pick up the guitar. I always wanted to play like Tony Iommi, and write like Bob Dylan. Then came the new Wave bands, Talkin' Heads, Blondie, Cars, etc… If you can remember that far back? At 1st there wasn't any difference between Punk and New Wave. It wasn't until about 10 yrs. L8r when the distinction was made.

  14. Excellent tuition and teaching style Scot. Some of the best I've found on the web. Please keep the lessons coming.

  15. thank You from Latvia πŸ™‚

  16. Dahm that is one cool looking acoustic

  17. Excellent teacher thankyou from New Zealand ✨✨

  18. Should I be using my pinky on the high e? I'm doing the classical guitar pinky anchor thing, plucking the G B and e with fingers 1 2 & 3 with the thumb getting the E D & A (generally unless I'm moving up a string-set). I feel like I should be getting the pinky in there because I my goal is to be great, & I feel like that will help later down the line. Part of me says I'm developing a bad habit using the pinky as an anchor finger, while another part of me says I should practice the anchor-finger technique first and use the more advanced pinky style later after I master classical fingerpicking styles. What do you think? My goal is to be the best so I'm torn between the two. Intuition tells me to hammer out he fundamentals hard before jumping ahead of myself. But like I said another part says "why even start like that if I'm going to want to evolve later" and asks "is that a bad habit?"

    I was having trouble subdividing beats with the metronome and really want to improve my rhythm. While playing to songs wit a low bpm and trying to subdivide proved very difficult, until I realized I can up the tempo on the metronome and just play a note per click instead of subdividing a slower tempo like 80bpm. I just put it between 100 and 120 now and play one note per click and it seems I drastically improved my timing 70 percent when really I didn't. It's much easier for me though, I heard doing real low bpms it starts to get hard again. I really have been emphasizing using s metronome, because my fretting hand has developed wonderfully while neglecting a lot of my rhythm [hand].

  19. Malan randomrockeater

    Hi I can never seem to get the D chord – how do you play it please – finger numbering? Cheers MH

  20. Malan randomrockeater

    You make it look so easy lol

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