“Free Fallin'” by John Mayer Live – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (Originally played by Tom Petty)

How to play “Free Fallin'” as preformed by John Mayer Live on Acoustic Guitar!

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  1. Dane Van Benthuysen

    Unreal. Thank you sir

  2. This Song is much copy Of i THINK loud

  3. damn how about the part when he goes free fallin now im free fallin now im free fallin now im free fallin like over and over and hes palm muting

  4. So helpful and good quality, thank you 馃檪

  5. Very nice quality of video, it really helps so we can see exactly which strings are ringing. thanks!

  6. How long have you been playing homie?

  7. Thank you

  8. Hi, great cover bud, do you have any tab for this?

  9. Max Russellstown

    Good tutorial but is there a different part used in the bridge? Could you do a tutorial on that part?

  10. Great tutorial! you helped me so much. thank u Cal 馃榾 can you may make a tutorial to play "slow dancing in a burning room" ? and thanks a lot 馃檪

  11. Arco Middendorp

    nice tutorial really helpful!

  12. Great tutorial. I think this is one of those songs where a little bit of individuality really doesn't harm it. Where it's based on a live performance anyway, a bit of freedom in terms of when you pick vs when you strum, different little fills/pull offs etc…. it's all good 馃檪

  13. Timothy Gallant

    great job my friend with the feel sound and instruction thank you 馃檪

  14. Fran莽ois NIVELLE

    Super cool, as usual, good tutorial, well explained and well chosen topic !!!
    Thank you Cal for sharing
    … When will "Love song for no one"? 馃槈

  15. such a nice video ! thank you so much. You made it pretty easy to understand 馃檪

  16. Hey! I'm more or less a complete beginner and was able to learn the song (kinda) thanks to this, so thanks!
    It's just that I have two question:聽You say that it repeats itself, but it sounds weird to go from the end to the beginning (from the pull off on the A chord to the D). In the intro, when you repeat it, you're strumming all the notes instead of picking it, and I'm not really sure how to 馃槓
    Also, what strings do you pluck when you've stoppped finger picking it but suddenly do in the middle of it all?

  17. Pankaja Dissanayake

    Thank you so much helped a lot!

  18. this is really nice and helpful! thnx man

  19. The chord that you didn't know would be called D over F#

  20. Johnny Van Santen

    Good lesson dude, really enjoyed it. now i finally manage to play it. Thanks

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