Free Fallin’ Guitar Lesson – Tom Petty

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In this quick guitar lesson, I will show you the guitar chords to Tom Petty’s massive hit “Free Fallin'”.

This Free Fallin’ guitar lesson will cover both guitar parts. The main chord progression (played by Petty), is doubled with simple triads in a higher register by a second guitarist.

You will need to use a standard tuned guitar with a capo at the 1st fret to play it how I am going to teach it in this lesson, since that is the way it was originally recorded and still performed to this day by Tom Petty. Feel free to use an electric guitar or acoustic guitar.

The first chord progression I will show you is what Tom Petty plays live. It is a pretty simple group of chords, but they do move around pretty quickly. Try to concentrate on all of your fingers landing on the notes of the chords at the exact same time.

The other guitarist plays triads over the chords being played by Petty. These triads are a bit easier to play and really compliment the underlying chords very well.

There is only one other part of the song to learn and that is the bridge. The verse and chorus use the same chords that we learned at the beginning of the lesson.

This bridge part consists of power chords played on the 5th and 6th strings. Be sure to slide into those power chords in order to recreate the sound of the original recording.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this classic!

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  1. How do you tune your amp for this song?

  2. Can you do Tom Petty's Learning to Fly?

  3. I really enjoy watching you lessons.. I pick up on a lot of stuff you do different than others… I'm not a beginner by any means.. ! THANK YOU VERY Much…your a hell of a teacher 🙂

  4. for anyone who wants to know what they are playing…
    Main Guitar: F Major – F sus4 – Csus2 (I originally wrote Bsus2 because I forgot about that damned capo)
    12 string: F Major/C – F sus4/C – C sus4

  5. great little lesson! wt effects are u using? delay? compression? or reverb??!!

  6. Great lesson mate.
    I'll be subscribing for sure.

  7. i need a DAM CAPO

  8. Great Lesson, as usual! If I could make a song request: What about the Acoustic Version of "Shine on you crazy diamond" by David Gilmour/Floyd? That would rock!
    Greetings from Germany.

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  12. teach us styx

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  15. How did you tune in your amp for this song?


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