Free Guitar Lesson: How To Play Fast – (Facebook Live Stream 4/2/20)

Michael Angelo Batio’s Facebook live stream from 4/2/20.

More lesson content available via Metal Method:

Michael Angelo Batio

I exclusively use Sawtooth Guitars:

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  1. Michael Angelo Batio

    Thanks for stopping by to check out the video! I have more lesson content on my YouTube Channel, so be sure to like & subscribe for more lessons!

  2. Broken my fret hand/fingers 12 times… but I'm still playing. Also, I'm not breaking hands anymore.

  3. did you leave dean? is sawtooth your new guitar?

  4. Mexican Zeppelin

    But can you play that with one fingernail while chugging a Corona Beer at a Mexican taco stand? Hahaha, these people are mad, Mike. Sidetrack is the word. But your little riff here today, that is no sidetrack. Technique, separate! Thanks again.

  5. Michael makes me think of a hair metal Joe exotic

  6. I wish more of my guitar heroes would do what you have done for everyone to help them improve!! My first heroes was jimmy page and Eddie van halen!! Your very open to teach and share your talents. You are a beast on the guitar man!! Love seeing you doing what your doing!!

  7. This is Anazing. Thank you. What do you think if I also learn to do this fingerstyle?

  8. It's like watching a modern day Mozart after 20 Red Bulls. Better than any instructional video, taking time out of his day to help for free during a difficult time. Thanks Mike!

  9. Mariano Mazzieri

    Hey Mike, haven't you considered using Troy Grady's Magnet to show your right hand technique?

  10. But can you play smoke on the water?

  11. No truer words than… Always a student, regardless to what you do in life.

  12. Prasanth Selvadurai

    Thanks Micheal. Any chance for a dedicated video on left hand speed?

  13. Is speed kill 1 somehow different from speed kills package?

  14. Jonny Björnhager

    Such a humble guy! Kudos!

  15. Best guitarist on the planet, kind, Helpful, and beautiful person. Best wishes from Liverpool uk

  16. Great guy! Thanks for the amazing content sir!

  17. Michael….you are a great teacher!!! (And Troy Stetina!)

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