Free Online Absolute Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson Number 1

Go to to get your entire series of beginner step-by-step bass lessons online.
Every lesson in the Beginner series has VIDEO. My promise: Your Lessons on Time or Three fro FREE.

This bass lesson is truly for absolute beginners on electric bass guitar. Learn all parts of the bass guitar plus how to hold the bass most effectively.


  1. thank god i found this! I just got my bass today! it is impossible to find an english speaking teacher where i live, so i depend online , Great video mate! Im sure its gonna help

  2. jonathan phillips

    Oops I popped the small my small bass string…  what are the names of the four strings?  soon as I get my new string in the mail order I will be ready for lessons….

  3. jonathan phillips

    Hi what kind of finger covers would you recommend for new beginners ? something that will allow for slide with out too much grip on the strings?

  4. jonathan phillips

    I just ordered a bass … Can't wait to learn, hope with the strumming hand I don't have to use my pinkie. I ready to learn.

  5. Crafted - Beats /Instrumentals /Music

    Budy i hope u will teach me how to play the bass 😉 

    im looking forward to do so

  6. I just got my grandfather's old electric bass, yet I have no idea how to play. Right now, you're a GODSEND!

  7. Hey, thanks for the lesson. As you can probably tell by by profile pic I like to play the drums. I have just recently (last weekend) bought a bass that I know next to nothing about, but would like to learn enough to hack away in a jamb situation when someone else plays the drums. Hope fully that person will be my 5 year old son in the near future.

  8. well thanks for not even playing a note. who cares man

  9. BassLessonsOnline

    Hello Valentin
    Thank you for your informative and kind post.
    Bass of Luck with your progress!

  10. Valentin Koscheyev

    Such an informative & knowledgeable man. Thank you, Sir, for your consideration in what great information you have supplied. After being in bar bands & more than my share of a dozen ( + ) basement bands . . . 20 years have passed & thanks to a pawn shop, 2nd hand new / old bass, my having forgotten all I knew is daunting. Hopefully, in following your further vids, I can do what has to be done to get the job done. THANK YOU for being there, really.

  11. Thunder Guitarist

    4:26 HIGH ERECTION!?!?!??!?!!

  12. BassLessonsOnline

    Hello and thanks for your trust in my opinion.

    Although I have not played a Lindo, I did quite a bit of online research. To me it looks like an excellent beginner bass – no guarantees, however.

    Kind regards,

  13. Would you consider a Lindo P-BASS Electric Bass Guitar a good choice for a beginner? I can get one for £109 with carry case. I have had a lesson of bass already but want to practice at home with my own bass guitar. I think it is a very good looking Bass. Thanks 🙂

  14. Red Goalie Studios | RG1 Studios

    Thanks you very much

  15. Red Goalie Studios | RG1 Studios

    Thanks you very much

  16. BassLessonsOnline

    I can see why this is a tough decision.

    The Dean Edge has one humbucking pickup and the Ibanez has a P/J pup configuration.

    The Dean amp has 10 watts and the Ibanez has 15 watts. But which sounds best and has the most volume without distortion?

    I think for both basses and amps you really are better off if you try before you buy.

    Both basses have a certain feel, balance, weight, sound etc and the amps have different features too.

    Usually you get what you pay for … if that is any help.

  17. Red Goalie Studios | RG1 Studios

    Im a beginner and im really torn between buying the Dean Edge 09 bass value pack or the Ibanez value pack, what do you recommend?

  18. Hello Reginald

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Quite a few church bass players are doing or have done my bass course. You can check the Testimonials page on my website to see what people say.

    You will be able to perform with your church band even after the first 10-15 lessons from my course. You don't need any musical experience as my course starts from the beginning and is in manageable portions.

    Please get in touch again if you have further queries.

    Kind regards,

  19. Hello sir. My church has asked me to learn bass guitar for our band. How well do you think I will be able to play simply using your lessons. I know things factor into it such as musical experience, but if I were just starting with no experience at all, how well would you say I would be able to perform once I complete all of the lessons? Thank you for your time.

  20. Elizabeth .JustElizabeth

    You might think this strange, but that's all right.
    I am 50 and have literally never handled a bass guitar in my life but would like to learn how to play one someday, not knowing when or how.
    This has been a huge help, a good head start. Thank you for making these videos. Subscribed. –Liz

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