Fretless Bass… For Beginners

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Fretless Bass… For Beginners

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In this lesson, James of eBassGuitar talks about the basics of fretless bass for beginners. You will learn some very useful tips on which fretless bass to buy and some essential methods on how to best start playing this special kind of bass.

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  1. I'm a newbie, but whether the bass has frets or not, we still have to put our fingers at the right spot. So I dont get why anyone would want metal frets and deal with buzz and vibration.


    I have a similar video, debating the pros and cons of lined vs unlined fretless basses – I exclusively play an unlined fretless bass. It was a challenge but I'm very happy with my decision! 🙂

  3. I'm always amazed that when citing heros of fretless bass, nobody ever mentions the great Percy Jones (Brand X).

    And what about John Giblin??

  4. No mention of Tony Franklin? Really? He’s the reason I am looking into fretless bass vs. fretted.


  6. Scott's Bass Lessons With Hair

  7. Thanks bro it was really helpful God Bless

  8. Why am I sitting here listening to this ogre yap?

  9. Another trick is to practice your fretless in the dark. You'll only have your ears and muscle memory to depend on… like a singer 🙂

  10. Upright bass is the original fretless bass

  11. So I failed on the first two tips, well fuck.

  12. A 6 minute instructional vid with 9 minutes of waffle

  13. So my first official electric bass is a 6 string fretless. I have a 4 string fretted acoustic I sometimes play.

    Its a Douglas I got from I had it for about 8 months now. It has no lines, just dots on the side. I am VERY partial towards 6 strings, a 6 string fretless in my price range was actually really hard to find. At first I was very bad with my intonation and was considering getting temporary lines put on them, but I have gotten better with practice and think I will just keep practicing.

    Its a very beautiful great quality bass that I think sadly is discontinued now, so I dont want to alter it too much with lines.

  14. Prosím odkaz kde se dá tato kytara koupit. Děkuji.

  15. If you're going to play or already play a 5-string, don't bother learning a 4 string fretless first. It's not any easier, it's just different.

  16. To be honest, I'd go for a fretless only cos Sting did it and it worked awesome for The Police music.

  17. Have you ever done a video using the fat body acoustic bass sitting on the floor behind you in this video? That looks like an amazing instrument that I'd love to hear.

  18. Joachim van Zoelen

    You must be able to get better sounds out of that Overwater…

  19. dalemonman sixtyseven

    Can u play iconic electric basslines on a fretless bass like "Another One Bites The Dust"

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