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Playing fretless bass can be super challenging if approached in the wrong way. Equally, you can transition between the fretted and fretless bass very easily (even if you’ve never played fretless before!) if you take a few things into consideration and follow the 3 steps I’m going to show you.

In this bass lesson I’m going to share 3 essential tips you should know about playing the fretless bass.

Now, as always… grab your bass and get in the shed!


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  1. Les Claypool

  2. i would add Dominic forest lapointe also french canadian 6 strings

  3. what's your bass ????? is it ESP . ?

  4. When should I use a fretless and when should I use a fretted bass (in terms of types of music)

  5. That is a FREET Bass.. so why are you lying to the YT`ers…?

  6. Great video. I would give props to Mark Egan too. It’s never fair to mention Michael Manring, but he too takes fretless to a whole other level, but I think he is from another dimension.

  7. In your opinion what is the best chela bass if I what to start to play fretless bass. ?

  8. And,…don't forget Percy Jones!!!

  9. Why the glove on your fret hand?

  10. Had anyone problems with the backing track?

  11. Tony Franklin – The Firm

  12. Why does jazz typically sound so cacophonous? The randomness and spontaneity is neat and all but the progressions are rarely melodic and subsequently uncatchy. I respect the virtuosic musicianship for it's experimental approach but it's mostly a disarray of poorly correlated frequencies and sequences. Then again, at one point or another every genre of music rooted from a jazz-like approach of vibration manipulation in ways unheard of.

  13. I'm considering buying a fretless bass and your tips and advice were really helpful. Thanks!

  14. I have a question about the intonation on my fretless bass. My bass has no lines. I have it so that just under the 12 fret is in tune but then the first few frets notes are above the line and if I just the bridge to fix that the notes higher on the fretboard are out of tune I can never get the intonation so every fret is right on. I can only get so some of the frets are spot on

  15. I should have on soon or later. This bass is fantastic

  16. I’ve had a BC Rich havoc active bass converted to fret less what songs would you recommend to start with Scott ?

  17. To me, that bass sounds too jazzy. Would be interested in how it sounds fretted with tapewounds in a rock context. I think the Gary Willis signature sounds better.

  18. Use chorus pedal ?

  19. thank you for prepare this video,i transformed from fret bass to frettless 6 month ago.I have a question for you,sometimes when i walking on bottom strings ,my sound may lost.This problem is scared to me.How can i buy effect pedal to solve this problem?Is the Boss Lmb-3 Bas Limiter / Enhancer true choice?

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