'FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE' Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial – The Cure – Easy Songs on Guitar

'FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE' Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial - The Cure - Easy Songs on Guitar

FRIDAY I’M IN LOVE – free chord sheet https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/the-cure/friday-im-in-love-chords-101457

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Here’s how to play Friday I’m In Love by British band The Cure!

To keep this tutorial as accessible as possible, I’ll be showing a basic chords and strumming version, then add more advanced embellishments as the video goes on.

Im using an acoustic guitar, but any electric guitar on the clean amp setting (or un-amplified) would be fine too!

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  1. Couldn't the Bm be played just on the bottom 4 strings? I'm not yet at a level to play barre chords.

  2. Thank you Andy, Im looking forward for "the sound of winter" from BUSH. Hope you do it.

  3. So Good… You help me a lot

  4. revathi panyam

    Who else saw the barre chord and decided to leave

  5. Hey Andy , Great Job . Can you upload some john mayer songs ??

  6. Marco Salamanca

    Thanks Andy! Clear, professional and excellent guidance as usual! By practicing this song I might finally be able to digest Bm 🙂

  7. Could you do Going nowhere by kings of leon .

  8. Many people are missing out the gooder side of youtube videos like this one

  9. Could you do going underground by the jam please

  10. You da man but would of loved to see you with crazy hair and red lippy

  11. Very Nice

  12. Any suggestions on having the finger "kink" out for the A chord? My finger doesn't seem to want to bend enough, meaning the high E string gets muted.

  13. Megadeth

  14. ஐஸ்வர்யா

    Some songs by Twenty One Pilots please.

  15. BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Good work Andy 😀

  16. Hi Andy could you do some more old Blink-182 songs and maybe some Two Door Cinema Club songs??

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