Friends in Low Places Acoustic Guitar Lesson | Garth Brooks

Friends in Low Places  Acoustic Guitar Lesson | Garth Brooks

In this lesson we will be learning the acoustic parts to this country classic, Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. It requires the use of a capo at the 2nd fret. Chords used are G, Abdim7, Am, D, and Cm.

Get the tab for this lesson here:

Friends In Low Places

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  1. By far the best tutorial on the web for this song…love all your videos looking forward to more

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Over On The Wild Side

    This was the fourth or fifth Friends In Low Places how to I watched. Also the last, I’m glad to have finally found the best one. Thanks for posting!

  4. That is a great instruction my man, very accurate and by far the best one out there. Thank you

  5. One of the best tutorials I've used… Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you for that excellent lesson.  I've been playing guitar since the 70's, but I'm more of a Prog Rock guy.  My buddy who does solo gigs with just guitar and vocals wanted to learn this tune, so he asked me to learn it for him.  I was just figuring out the first 3 minutes of Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick the other day and interestingly, Ian Anderson also uses a capo, but on the 3rd fret.  I've never used capos for my original tunes, but I guess capos do have their place!!!  I like the fact that at the end of the lesson you said not to be to picky, which is really great advice, as some people (myself included) can get stuck on minutiae.   Great job dude.

  7. Awesome teaching job !!! One of the best tutorial's on the web. Do you have any other songs you teach? I truely like your style!

  8. good lesson mr Kid Rock

  9. Good teacher! Cheers

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