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Funk R&B Rhythm playing electric guitar lesson funky blues – In this teach some very cool R&B funk rhythmic playing techniques.


  1. How to make an A7 chili, add tobacco, cheddah' and guac.

  2. looks like a ibanez. and no dr ng nickson there loads of other expert chords like ,k l, , qm llm, ;lol

  3. Dr-Ng'umbi Nickson Hassanally

    The H chord??? never heard of it? #rockongoodpeople can someone tell me this!

  4. I have a question: could i play funk rhythm guitar on a Jackson soloist with 2 seymour duncan humbuckers on it, or you guys believe that for funk rhythms i sould find a guitar with single coils? Thx

  5. what guitar are you using men ? thanks for all

  6. A, B, C, D, J
    Wait what?

  7. Alejandro Guzmán

    nice one. check out also my latest funk version"

  8. Hendrix – Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

  9. fat lying bitch

  10. his lesson are biggest bullshit ever, he don't even know the A7 chords

  11. Man, that guy who suggested you to list RHCP knows shit…If you want to listen to GOOD funk music, you must listen Parliament Funkadelic, Kool & The Gang, Rick James, Zapp & Roger, etc…Red Hot Chili Peppers is a rock band for christ sakes…

  12. Freaking amazing. Yes, 5 years ago, but still freaking amazing. Thanks, Marty.

  13. Andriy Sanzhar

    Hi! I'm Taylor.I did -25 lbs past 1 month.More here

  14. im trying to lose weight. when im craving something i play the guitar to keep my mind off it. I come here and Marty starts talking about CHEDDAR GUACAMOLE AND TABASCO. cravings AMPLIFIED. (-_-)

  15. I suck at this lol

  16. You're the best Marty! You're lessons are always so accessible, fun for all levels and concise… and you always seem happy doing it!!! You are greatly appreciated!!!

  17. You can tell this is an older video of Marty's

  18. Daniel Nogueira

    Ohhh, excellent choice 😉

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