Funk Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Learn The Most Useful Funk Chords

Blues Rock Rhythm Course!

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Hey what’s up you guys, Marty here from MartyMusic! Every Friday is a technique lesson so for this lesson I thought it was time to show you the ultimate funk device. It’s versatile and stanky so use your powers responsibly! All my best and thanks again for the support!!



  1. amazin Marty! as usual 🙂

  2. dude you're only 20,000 off – get him that golden play button

  3. Theres this groove in the song messages from the stars by rah band around the 5 minute mark that id really like to learn on the guitar but cant find any vids on it. If you could make one at some point thatd be great. Or if someone in the comments knows what im talking about can help me out thatll also be very cool

  4. Biiiirds of a feather……

  5. Which picks you use?

  6. Damn , i love your guitar !!! So "classi"

  7. BeastlyGamer Dude

    my dad looks exactly like you .-.

  8. Marty, I appreciate how conscious you are of keeping your other fingers out of the camera angle (4:14) so that we can see what you're doing. That can't be easy. Great lesson as always!

  9. lol anybody else here because of "Sex Machine"?

  10. nice video. so whats the rhythm your playing if you had to count it out is it 1 e + a etc…..

  11. Ryandracus Plays Guitar

    South Chataginier Street.

  12. Hey Marty, thanks for a great intro lesson on funk!

  13. Very cool lesson. thanks Marty!

  14. amazing ! do you have any other funk videos ?

  15. You’re so talented!Could you do a guitar lesson on Moon River?

  16. I like it

  17. Hey Marty. What’s up Dude ? Just got back from New Orleans Jazz Fest, Irma Thomas band played Uptown Funk before she sang. I wish you could have been there. New Orleans has some fantastic musicians along with other acts at the fest, Sting, Bonnie Rait, Rod Stewart, on and on. A Knock Out Show. Can you do Uptown Funk ? Bruno Mars kills it, he really gets the funk, funky. Thanks. I hope you are doing great.

  18. What is your guitar? I Know it s fender but which model?

  19. Mark Doney-Mccloud

    That's almost the opening bars of Pick Up the Pieces a great funk number from Scottish band Average White Band

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