G Chord – Guitar For Beginners – Stage 3 Guitar Lesson – JustinGuitar [BC-131]

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This video explains how to play the G Chord.

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  1. I’m so confused. The g that I saw in the web uses four fingers

  2. I struggle with my first and second fingers. They always spread apart on opposite angles (like a v shape)

  3. Anatole Vasilyevich Kuragin

    As a bassist learning a bit of guitar for song writing purposes…. guitarists really considers this a stretch??

  4. Watching video *
    This should be easy
    Trying it* what…even

  5. he reminds me of korg

  6. This one is hard for me but the thing is when I play this chord, it comes out sounding better than the rest of the chords

  7. The_Random_Gamer z

    Hey justin this year 2019 will be my year to start playing guitar im 19 years old i love your tutorial very easy to learn thank you

  8. スカーフ・マオンツScarf Mationz

    I feel depressed doing this crap lol my FINGGEEEERS WHYYY NY POOR FINGERS

  9. …..is it only me who didn't find it hard?
    Ps: I swear I'm not a show off, I've only began learning how to play the guitar a few days ago and I'm far from perfect

  10. Nikolas Xanthopoulos

    It wasn’t hard for me when I learned it.

  11. My son is 7 and he learns guitar

  12. Am I the only one who found this chord easy?

  13. Netball And basketball

    Yea… my fingers don’t want to move like that

  14. Jadri jarra de cerveza

    This is my first day playing guitar, and honestly, this and A are the only chords that I remember and know how to do perfectly haha.
    If you can't get this right, try arching your fingers a bit more or changing your wrist position a bit. It may be uncomfortable at first but you get used to it really fast.

  15. Who’s here because the ad set off their google home?

  16. your eyebrows are bigger than your eyes, those are not eye brows those are fucking caterpillars

  17. YES, I got the g chord on my first try!!!!

  18. When I was a young boy

  19. go to minute 3…
    f f s

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