Game of Thrones – How to Play the Theme On Guitar – Lesson

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  1. Can you do one on Black Sails intro theme?!

  2. bishal da braeker

    Thank you so much Marty u are awesm and this video teach us a lot

  3. 10:39 this is for the dislikers

  4. It's simple and easy one. You r the best man.

  5. 2:33 Hilarious!

  6. i can play bar chords(f n g) in lower frets but not in higher frets(C# N ALL) plz help

  7. f*** u never explain strumming pattern

  8. could u send me a link or a picture with the chord and how to put your fingers of this song?

  9. Fantastic Lesson. Thanks for this, was really trying to get my head around the scales and chords to play for a while.

  10. It's like music to my ears

  11. Ramez Mamoon H.A. Al Hasham Al Hasham

    congrats man
    keep up the good work

  12. TAB PLEASE !(image,text)

  13. love u broo!

  14. great !! thank you so much for this detailed and great tutorial, you are so patient and detailing every step so slowly, im progressing every minute thanks to you 🙂

    I love the way you sing the "ccccc minoorrrrrr, G minorrrrr tam tam .." so funny 😀

  15. Kadyr Yergaliev

    Really cool tutorial , thank you very much!!!

  16. What settings are you using for your amp

  17. Brandon Thompson

    Winter is coming

  18. what if I wanted to play without the backing would it feel .

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