Game Of Thrones – Main Theme (Full Acoustic Guitar Lesson) 1/2 + TAB




Game Of Thrones – For The Realm (Full Acoustic Guitar Lesson) 1/2


►Link to Part 2:


►Live Performance:

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay! These tutorial videos are quite time consuming especially with all the actual teaching and song writing I am doing along side!

My previous instructional video has had such great feedback, I am so happy! Thank you all.

Several people have asked me to go through this one now so I set aside a day and went through everything slowly and clearly. Let me know if you need any help with any of the sections…

But most importantly HAVE FUN!

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►Zoom Q8:
►Faith Guitars:


  1. we viewer always want to listen the demo first …

  2. "Hodor!!!" – Hodor

  3. Woke up, saw this on my homepage, thought fuck it might as well learn something half awake lol

  4. Dragon Slayer165

    Thank you so much for this tutorial 🙂 can't wait to get the tabs.

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