Game of Thrones Theme Song – Guitar Lesson

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play the Game of Thrones theme song on guitar, this tutorial is for you!

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  1. This sucked. Too fast. Too much talking. Spent more time rewinding YouTube than playing. Going elsewhere

  2. is there a tab for this anywhere? It would make it easier to review certain sections without having to rewind and pause the video constantly. Regardless, great work Marty! Thank you for everything you do!

  3. Superb . Nice guitar playing :))

  4. I love it mucho!

  5. This may be a long shot but do you think you could do a lesson on nickleback – burn it to the ground?
    I love that song and would love to learn it

  6. See those airpods?
    Commenting is pointless he wont hear us. Marty4MemeReview

  7. "In the game of tones, you either feel it or you don't. There is no middle ground."

  8. Can you make Helloween – I Want Out ?

  9. 10:06 This one is not weird it's a Fm chord. Minor plagal on 1st repeat

  10. Elliot Watson 7b Ek

    could you do a lesson on dead man's gun by Ashtar command on acoustic?

  11. Awesome Video Dude :))

  12. I want Marty to be my grandpa lowkey idk y

  13. GAME OF TONES!!!

  14. The godfather theme song pleasee marty

  15. Can you do a tutorial of love is for losers by The Longshot

  16. Thanks Marty! This is exactly what I wanted to learn to play. You know us so well. I've been learning from you for a few years now and want to say you're the best!

  17. he even looks like king robert

  18. I think Marty is trying to flex on us with those AirPods in the intro.

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