George Harrison My Sweet Lord – Acoustic Guitar Lesson tutorial

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George Harrison My Sweet Lord – Acoustic Guitar Lesson tutorial
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  1. ten littleindians

    While it's one of your older videos and your teaching detail has grown, maybe it's time you release a new version of this video? You have the strum pattern down and as an advanced player I can follow along but I wonder how many of your students are struggling because you missed talking about beat lengths in this strum pattern? All notes do not get the same length and while you know this; a new student cannot understand why their strumming pattern is wrong if they are basing it just on the pattern alone and applying the same length to each strum.

  2. Marty thank you very much

  3. Why does he look so sad I mean now he smiles a ton on his new channel

  4. B minor is impossible lol

  5. Strange to me it sounded right with capo on 4th fret

  6. my first duty in retirement…. pick up a guitar and learn this song

  7. TheAngelicNursery Doc Bouche Bouchard

    gotta love Marty!
    thanks Mart!

  8. Marty, good video except you forgot the bridge. I like your method of teaching and explaining this piece.

  9. Thank you so much, I love this song !!

  10. Man I love Marty and his lessons are invaluable, but he seemed a little low energy back in the day compared to now lol.

  11. désolé on ne voit pas bien la position des doigts

  12. This video was released when I was nine years old, and now here I am, nine years later almost 18, learning from it. Thanks Marty, you’re still the GOAT.

  13. Good teacher man. Nice n cool.

  14. nem precisa de capo …….

  15. No matter how many variations or versions guitar players do and try, they just can't exactly match or replicate the way good 'Ole George did…!!!

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