George Harrison My Sweet Lord Guitar Lesson and Tutorial

George Harrison My Sweet Lord Guitar Lesson and Tutorial

Don’t miss this hidden gem by George Harrison! He had such an amazing musical career outside of being in the biggest band in the world!!! The Beatles were great, but George was that and so much more.

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  2. Can you do "Into the Great Wide Open?"

  3. My favorite song from my favorite Beatle

  4. i love this guy……he is so helpful and knows how to communicate

  5. Christina Regan

    Marty, could you do a video on Neil Young's 'You and Me' for me? Thanks!

  6. I swear u look like the guy from
    guitar jamz

  7. John Lennon used that E Augmented in I’m So Tired, George used E sharp diminished which you play as D diminished if the capo wasn’t here. George used diminished chords often, especially on All Things Must Pass album and combinations of suspended chords as well.

  8. Nice Taylor Marty!! Thanks for the lesson. It's been on my wish list!

  9. Do Roundabout by Yes please!

  10. Samuel Claiborne

    Teach Power of Equality- RHCP

  11. Col Wars Studio Brickfilm and more!

    george is the best beatle

  12. Capitan Obvious

    Marty, I think we should take this time to appreciate the genius of George Harrison. It's just one of those songs you can practice to for hours without even realizing it.

  13. Luis Armando Guerrero Garcia

    Can you break down “I need you” too?

  14. Can you do a lesson on Tomorrow by Silverchair?

  15. Hey Marty I just started playing guitar about a month ago and I love it so far and have learned a lot of songs because of you I love your channel I was wondering if you could make a video tutorial on Chris Stapeltons song Without Your Love It's an amazing deep song thank you and keep killing it 🙂

  16. Daniel Armstrong

    Next song do slipknot unsainted

  17. Rene Anthony Tobias

    Marty I’ve been watching since 2011! You’ve taught me so much which helped expand my music knowledge . Thanks for everything and keep doing what your doing

  18. I would sincerely love a lesson Dear Doctor by the Stones. Thanks for this lesson too.

  19. You should cover the new song Leviathan from Volbeats new album

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