George Michael – Careless Whisper – How to Play on Guitar – Guitar Lesson

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Marty Schwartz here with “MartyMusic.” Here’s a lesson on “Careless Whisper” by George Michael which was actually already on my list of songs to teach before he suddenly passed away. Obviously I bring this guitar lesson to you on a bittersweet note, however, It’s a great song and classic little melody to play. All my best everyone, and feel free to leave your requests in the comments below.

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  1. Great tutorial, it would be amazing if you did all of wynona's big brown beaver – Primus. I'm doing it for a school show and having trouble with the solo.

  2. whenever i feel bad i grab my guitar and play songs you teached to us. thanks marty !

  3. thanks so much and happiest of holidays to you and your loved ones Marty

  4. Def my next project, ur the man Marty!

  5. could you do a turorial for love by kid Cudi it sounds lovely on acoustic

  6. brody if use nadda fuggin millionare by the end of summer17 use a real fugger.

  7. thanks again

  8. RIP George
    Thanks marty

  9. Awesome lesson. What mode would that be, Marty?

  10. RIP…

  11. thank you marty

  12. you and steve stine are the best, and the only reason why i have improved soo much in the klast 2 months

  13. Hey Marty could you do sockets by slaves its a less known song but it's still good

  14. Thanks Marty. This is a nice touch with the sad news. He did many great things for charity and was a great song writer. I'm going to play this for sure. You're the best brother !!!

  15. So so so happy to see you again!

  16. Adam Sarah Moossun

    Best guitar teacher ever

  17. you're just the best

  18. super!!!!

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