JAZZ GUITAR LESSON on Georgia On My Mind. Detailed and well explained. Guitar chords and melody at once (chord melody).

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This jazz guitar lesson is about the great jazz standard Georgia On My Mind by Hoagy Carmichael, made famous by Ray Charles. There are all the great jazz guitar chords in there.

I’ll teach you how to play the Georgia on My Mind jazz guitar chords along with the melody, which is called chord melody style.

We have a soul kind of groove going on, which utilizes syncopated triplets. that makes it very interesting. I consider my chord melody guitar lesson arrangement as intermediate level. So everyone with a some jazz chords experience should get along quite well.

I have Georgia On My Mind guitar TABS available from the links above.

I hope you enjoy my Georgia On My Mind guitar lesson and give it a thumbs up.
Since I like arranging jazz guitar instrumental standards, I have many up here on Youtube. Please check out my other Jazz chord melody lessons as well.
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Enjoy, Sandra 馃檪
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  1. One of my favorite guitar teachers, sis Sandra 馃槈

  2. Fantastic. Thank you!

  3. Awesome Sandra, thank you….

  4. Arturo Valencia Coello

    Great lesson, like all you do!!! please "Yours is my heart alone"!!!

  5. Tiger Spills The Wine

    Please do Round midnight

  6. Yes, this is a great classic! Thanks again Sandra!

  7. Great lesson, as always! I always look forward to the challenge of learning on of your beutiful arrangements. Thanks so much.

  8. Hello Sandra I like the jazz guitar, I just discovered your website and it's great. A lot of generosity on your part thank you. I am from Quebec french thanks again. Pierre Lemaire

  9. Beautiful! I can鈥檛 see how to find the tabs. Any ideas? Vielen Dank.

  10. Alexander Altago

    "Sandra on my mind" – thx for this lesson, just practicing

  11. Erling Johansson

    Thanks Sandra ! Classic jazz !

  12. Mario Dautovi膰

    wonderful, but i am still waiting Don't explain 馃檨

  13. While I was free, I was better because I was free and I'm not your fan.

  14. hello sandra as always very good taste thank you

  15. ATV Clarence Mentor

    Thank you very much for all your hard-work. Godspeed.

  16. Gro脽artig. Eines meiner Lieblingslieder!

  17. Wonderful……thank you

  18. Bennett Michaels

    Wonderful choice…I still perform this at gigs…
    now I can do a better arrangement…
    cheers Sandra !!

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