Getting Started With Walking Bass Lines On Bass Guitar

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The Simple Steps To Walking Bass Lines course is going to be released over at on Dec 7th and this week we have a preview lesson. We’ll be looking at how to generate a walking bass line and the elements of study required when developing our vocabulary.

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  1. Thank so much Mark,
    I have a question
    Can I play this walking bass for any songs ?

  2. Oh man i love the walking bass it's like using all the brain looking the fretboard pls More videos like this!

  3. Can anyone expain me whats the difference in his yt vids and that courses that you need to pay for?

  4. deddybass deddy tetanel

    really the bass tutorial video is very good ….

  5. Excellent lesson, Mark. I have not seen module one yet. Will look at that next. Thanks as always for the wonderful videos. TWO THUMBS UP!!!

  6. I can't wait for this to come out Mark and it will be an instant purchase for me. I have a bunch of your other courses and really love the way you structure them so keep up the great work.

  7. Wonderful lesson Mark! How swiftly that I could have been a bass player backing Henry "Red" Allen, well sort of. Out of interest do you like Dixie Land jazz at all? If so will it becovered as part of the full course?

  8. townheadbluesboy

    Great very helpful – would defo buy a course on this stuff.

  9. Great video Mark. I've been working on my walking bass for a week or so, but still trying to figure things out. I noticed you don't use alternate plucking, just one finger. Do you recommend that to get a consistent quarter note tone??

  10. Im incredibly excited for the Walking Bass course! Will definitely be working through it.

  11. Looking forward to module 1, you make things simple and clear enough to feel like i accomplished something…every time.

  12. I'm going to get this course when it comes out. I really see this style of playing as the master key of understanding musicial writting via the bass that can evolve into Rock music, heavy metal ect.

  13. Lol! I think I've already got the "slopping technique" down…;-)

  14. TalkingBass - Online Bass Lessons

    So proud to be releasing the Simple Steps To Walking Bass on Dec 7th. It's been a year in development and after all the requests for a Walking Bass course I'm sure it should make a lot of you very happy! Enjoy! PS. Remember to check out the other courses here:


    Really helpfull…Please make a video on overkill bass lines like elimination feel the fire rotten to the core …(there are many)

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