Ghost – Guitar Lesson: Dance Macabre (Acoustic)

Ghost - Guitar Lesson: Dance Macabre (Acoustic)

As seen in the video ‘The Tunnel – Dance Macabre (live).

Tuning – D Standard as always.

Aether uses a 12 string so it may not sound exactly the same but this IS what they play.

No tabs – would take too long,
Just use those eyes and get a blank tab sheet at hand to jot stuff down if you need to.

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  1. get a new version of jigolo har megiddo please :"3

  2. If you have ghosts acoustic needed

  3. NamelessDormouse

    My heroes, you for getting this lesson up so quick, and Tobias for the arrangement.

  4. Вадим Козлов

    Rats acoustic please

  5. Rats next?

  6. Excellent. Was looking forward to Rats and Dance Macabre acoustic lessons when they did that performance.

  7. Wouuu yeeaaahhhhh meeennnnnn wouuuuuuu

  8. The Nameless Ghoul

    In the words of Count Dooku: "I've been looking forward to this!"

  9. This is perfect

  10. Sebastián Román

    A huevo, eso es todo man.

  11. Noice

  12. Travis Nicholson

    Hell yea man spot on like always. Thanks I get right to work on it!!

  13. Going to have to bust out the acoustic later. Excellent !

  14. Thank you! I hope you get to 10k subs

  15. thanks you from france !!

  16. New martin coming in tomorrow. First thing i will learn. Good work as always. Thanks man!

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