Ghost: Guitar Lesson – Rats 🐀 🐀

The new single from Ghost – Rats.

Learn all sections here on guitar.

Tuning – D Standard

Only some handwritten tabs at the moment for interlude and solo:

Good luck


  1. Amazing! Thank you!!!!!

  2. Very cool, thanks. One thing I've noticed about Ghost is their guitars are a lot cleaner sounding than people may think.

  3. "notanamelessghoul". Stop hiding we know it's you. Nobody can play it and learn it by ear that quickly

  4. Omg thank you

  5. thx man!

  6. What a hypnotizing song, thank you so much for teaching us 🙂

  7. Te Amo!!!! Eres La Hostia Tio!!!! Sois La Leche!!!!! Neta Tus Videos Son Asombrosos!!!!

  8. Brilliant! What do you think about this song? Not their best but It’s catchy and really fun to play

  9. any advice on amp settings? Im having trouble getting it to sound right…could be my bad right hand technique….or my shitty guitar.

  10. So when he says he’s not a Nameless Ghoul, does that mean that he really is a Nameless Ghoul

  11. Good work!

  12. AntonioTDM Garcia

    That's a cool tank! Where do you get your shirts?

  13. excellent…!!!
    can’t wait to teach it to a couple of my students that turned me onto ghost…thank you

  14. What amp do you use?

  15. what's afination ?

  16. Super cool as always

  17. Tuning a whole step down?

  18. Thanks again for the lessons!

  19. Acabaram de lançar a música e já tem tutorial !!! Esse cara é foda !!! Obrigado e boa sorte com o canal !!

  20. The solo in this song is one of the best Ghost solos ever

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