(Ghost) Riders in the Sky – guitar lesson

Guitar lesson on how to play the song “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” by Stan Jones. This tutorial covers the verse, chours, and bridge. Excerpts from the song “Apache” included. Backing track is available on my Soundcloud page.


  1. Mr Lindquist, is there a way to get the backing track you are using for the Ghost Riders lesson? Thanks in advance.

  2. Bruce you give the best guitar lessons on You Tube. Frank M….

  3. Great arrangement, many thanks 😉

  4. William Shakespeare

    your guitar is out of tune!!!

  5. Wendell Creado

    Thank you for sharing this tutorial Bruce! While I have pretty much learnt how to play this, I was wondering if you have any tabs to share too ? I do like the backing track you have used to jam on and wonder if this track is available online too ? Thank you!

  6. Son of a bitch,!

  7. who's doing the guitar lesson?

  8. Very cool !!

  9. Love your amazing skills but you made me lose hope at learning this song very quickly.

  10. I'm trying to learn it on a strat just like yours, the bridge is a work in progress but i'll get it eventually …. great version … im enjoying learning it … thanks!

  11. 1948 ! Wait….really !

  12. love this lesson / version … I diffently going to learn it …. nobody has the tabs and your lesson doesn't need them! thank you

  13. what is a YT Channel?

  14. I try you YT channel page and no go! can you explain how the YT channel work?

  15. You need to slow down if this is a tutorial, I can't catch anything

  16. The Ramrods late 1960 recording might have been the first rock version and it ends with a quote from Apache.

  17. You are to fast man

  18. It would be nice to see this lesson in your new format with tabs at the bottom. I have been watching this video over and over for the past couple of years.

  19. me podrias pasar la base?

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