GUITAR LESSON on Girl From Ipanema ( Garota De Ipanema ). Note for note explanation. Easy chord melody. Tabs + Playback!

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I’m not sure A.C.Jobim knew how big of a hit and later a standard his Bossa Nova tune Girl From Ipanema – Garota De Ipanema in portugese – would become. Today it’s the best known Latin tune in history.
So many people kept asking me how to play Girl From Ipanema on guitar as a chord melody arrangement. Since many jazz beginners asked me that question I decided to make my chord melody arrangement as easy as possible without making it sound bland or boring.

The ongoing rhythm is always a challenge with Bossa chord melody arrangements.I kept the comping to a bare minimum, so everybody with a little jazz chords repertoire should be able to follow my Girl from Ipanema guitar tutorial.

The B section of Girl From Ipanema provides us with many great jazz guitar chords, that can be used over so many other jazz tunes as well. Oh and by the way, I kept the Girl From Ipanema guitar chords in F. So we’re in the original key here, not changing anything.

In this guitar lesson I explain everything note for note. I’ll show you why I’ve chosen certain chords, give you tips and tricks on the fretting and how to make things easier for you.

I made a nice Girl From Ipanema chord melody tab, which you can download from one of the above links. I also created several backig tracks (playalongs) for Garota De Ipanema in different tempos.

I hope you really dig my Girl From Ipanema chord melody guitar lesson. If you do so, please give me a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and share teh knowledge!

Garota De Ipanema guitar tutorial is for my brazilian friends also, since you can still see everything I do, even without understanding english.

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Hugs, Sandra 🙂


  1. Best guitar teacher on YouTube hands down.

  2. Happy New Year Sandra! Discovered your site as I'm interested in learning jazz, am hooked. Wanted to learn Autumn Leaves but now you've got me interested in theory too with your great teaching style. Thank you

  3. Thank you so much Sandra!

  4. A long time ago I've bought a guitar in a shop where the seller was also a teacher who learned me this song. Overtime I forgot some bits of it, so I'm glad to be able to pick them up again! Thanks for this lesson!

  5. Immanuel Beniardhie A

    Easy Chords.. Simple Lesson.. The best Girl from Ipanema Guitar Lesson, thank you Sandra

  6. Oh man , another great lesson! It can't be better than this…

  7. Wow, one of the best, calmest and most understandable online lessons ever. Thank you.

  8. Can't thank you enough. Playing this as my university's jazz fest. Thanks!

  9. Nice sound! congratulations … from Brazil!!! …

  10. what a great teacher , and teaching my favorites too !!!!!

  11. Dailtóteles Filo

    Parabéns! Ficou otima sua versão!

  12. Hi Sandra, just discovered your channel, your lessons are very well put together and easy to follow! Would love some more Latin/Bossa such as Bossa Antigua, So Nice(Summer Samba), Samba de Orfeu etc

  13. Super, thx

  14. Very nice tutorials! The songs sound so damn good! Thank you 🙂

  15. Love your tuition videos. Please can you do an arrangement of Where or When.

  16. Wonderful arrangement!

  17. Александр Александрович

    Thank you

  18. Really cool – we play this one in the band. I attempted my own chord melody arrangement and it is very similar to yours but I think I can incorporate bits of yours to improve mine. I did end up using many chord inversions without the root and simplified melody when I play it in the Big Band to stay out of the way of the bass and horns.

  19. Sandra thank you for this lesson. Just finished learning it this morning and it is an excellent arrangement. I agree with previous comments you are a great teacher. Looking forward to starting Midnight Blue. Thanks Jim from Scotland.

  20. Sir Pickles Presents

    I love this song, more so now.

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