“Give Me One Reason” Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Tracy Chapman

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Hello friends,
and welcome to another by request song tutorial. In today’s session I’m joined by talented vocalist Stefany Mazor for a demonstration and tutorial on Tracy Chapman’s 1995 hit “Give Me One Reason.” This tutorial is dedicated to Tracy’s rhythm guitar techniques, and the outro riff, check back later this week for a full break down of the guitar solo section. Let’s get started!

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  1. Man!!! I totally forgot about this song!!! Thank you for sharing! I will be learning this one next!!

  2. Aww man, her singing is crazy fabulous!

  3. reinaldo reyes

    A second lesson for the solo.

  4. Far…k. Steph blew my mind when she first started.. nice treatment guys

  5. Very good tutorial, and true to the Chapman original. Though the electric solo is by Clapton, right? Would love to see a tutorial for that.

  6. Great Lesson, for all of us , safe to say we enjoyed your guest singer !! well done.

  7. WysteriaGuitar

    That sounded great. Stephanie has a very sultry, soulful voice. Please do more of these lessons or just covers. Great stuff!

  8. Jeffrey Johnston

    I love your stuff rob and I’m smitten. Not with you though!

  9. Great cover and "wow" what a voice, great job……

  10. Stacy "legs" kept my interest fully while you played one of my favorite songs. Her voice is very good .And the guitar was a very good lesson !!! Thanks alot !

  11. Amazing voice and talent I’m buying a front row when u guys tour!

  12. Holy Tracy Chapman! Magnificent!

  13. Fantastic ..thanks very much !

  14. Francisco Kraljevich

    Genios ¡¡¡¡¡ Por canten algo juntos……….Saludos a esa Diosa ¡¡¡¡¡

  15. Funny that this comes out while literally just now I was finally learning your "Fast Car" video lesson.I feel like you're giving me another Tracy Chapman song for momentum's sake :)Thank you ,and great job to you and the guest vocalist (P.S my capo had been stolen ,and I'd just gotten a new one yesterday, sort of explaining the wait).

  16. Wow . . .Stefany has quite the amazing voice. Rob – she's your new lead singer! Don't let her get away! And your playing and teaching are, as usually, awesome!

  17. She killed it from the first note..then she added…the whole talent…unique voice…she should go for all the marbles…pro…and acting…God Bless her…jazzy..rock…blues…..moody…..she has to do more songs..thanks for posting

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