God Is Able (Hillsong) Electric Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i keep trying and trying but i cant play the fucking guitar

  3. Nice Sound Buddy , I just Would Like To Know Wich Is Your Pickups Set Up?

  4. Hi Devan Good Day!
    Good tutorial of God is able. I learned and i will use it in our church. Im a guitarist in our church. Can i request if possible to have tutorial of Greater Than We Can Imagine by Souvereign Grace especially the lead Intro or the whole song. Thank you and GOD BLESS.

  5. nice…


  7. The first and second verse and the one where u said "another riff" is all blurry as in- I can't figure it out

  8. Thanks for the upload~! Do you have tabs for this song?

  9. Hey man, great video, I can play everything but the first verse.. what is the order of the strings I pick?

  10. The timing on the 2nd Chorus could be slowed down a bit or explained. It feels like the first to 16ths are pick up notes going into the down beat of one is that correct?

  11. What Morgan amp are using? It sounds great!

  12. You make the technique easy to follow…the timing on some parts is handcuffing me….tricky!

  13. Brilliant lesson bro, This helped so much. Know that God is using you to give the Church better worship experiences!

    Thanks again!

  14. is there anyway i can get my hands on a tab of this song?? it sounds just amazing!

  15. …and I am a fan of your Fender American Deluxe HSS Stratocaster 😉

  16. Superb….I have learned so much from your vid's…God Bless you!

  17. Wonderful tutorial. Very easy to follow. Thanks for your time and talent!!

  18. key of B

  19. awesome vid
    keep it up

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