Godsmack, "AWAKE" acoustic guitar lesson.

How to Play “AWAKE” by GODSMACK the acoustic version, I could not find the acoustic version anywhere on the Internet, much less You Tube so decided to do this video. It is not a performance just instruction. Plz like & SUBSCRIBE, E-mail me or leave in the comments what song you would like to learn and I will be more than happy to put it up for you. KEEP JAMMIN
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  1. what is the b and e string tuned to

  2. Andre Dilio does it but i cant see his fretboard

  3. Dont worry about wammy bar stuff

  4. Its in standard and im only interested in this part

  5. Give it hell bud

  6. Pretty cool, im all over it, thanks bud. Do you want a challenge. I would love to learn signs of life by pink floyd. Not sure if you play electric , if not it would be cool to do an acoustic version and then i can transpose it to electric. Your bud in houston. I check you everyday bud. Hope all is good up north. Cant find anything on youtube

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