Good Directions | Billy Currington | Beginner Guitar Lesson

Good Directions | Billy Currington | Beginner Guitar Lesson

“Good Directions” by Billy Currington uses the G, C, Bm, Em, D chords.
God bless!
Matt (Hit +1 twice to transpose to the chords I used)
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  1. This bar by Morgan Wallen ?

  2. Just wanted to thank you for good directions, started playing guitar a couple years ago now and it was your video's that helped me get comfortable with playing. It is so difficult starting out and your lessons made things so much easier. Thank you and God bless you

  3. Love your videos man they really help me. It would be really cool if you add in a a part in the video where you play the song the most basic beginner way possible. That way those of us that are beginner beginner’s have an idea of what the song would sound like with just down strokes or basic down and upstrokes. It’s hard to get the rhythms because I can’t match your complex playing. So it throws me off/frustrates me. Just a thought, would be really appreciated

  4. Finally! The Bb chord on the standard tabs was killing me. This beginner tutorial is gold

  5. Can you teach “must be doin something right”

  6. Man check out the song mamas house by Dustin Lynch. Keep them videos coming. Look forward to watching them!

  7. Love done gone by billy currington

  8. Gotta teach Billy’s song “Hey Girl” since it’s his week.

  9. Like the theme week. Thanks

  10. matt can you do amazing by lone star

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  12. Nice Taylor guitar I’ve been trying to get one of those for a long time but they don’t make them anymore

  13. Thanks for including some strumming work – “ups and downs.” More of that please.

  14. Can you do a guitar tutorial on ronnie dunn last love I'm trying

  15. Could you do "God made girls" by Raelynn

  16. Good song friend

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