Good Times Bad Times Guitar Lesson – Led Zeppelin – All Rhythm Guitar Parts

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In this video lesson we will take a look at the Led Zeppelin classic “Good Times Bad Times”.

“Good Times Bad Times” was the opening song on Led Zeppelin’s debut album in 1969.

The main riff that Jimmy Page plays during the verse of the song is actually quite busy and a nice challenge. That riff was actually written by bassist John Paul Jones and contains numerous fast string crossings utilizing primarily 16th notes.

In this Good Times Bad Times guitar lesson I will demonstrate how to get that main riff under your fingers quickly, in addition to all the other riffs found in the song.

We have quite a bit to challenge us here in “Good Times Bad Times”. Besides the first verse riff, will also have chorus chords that use the thumb to finger the bass strings. Also, the second verse has a different riff than the first and it requires you to play some very large and fast shifts.

Just break all of the riffs down into sections to help speed up the process of learning them. They aren’t very hard to understand, it just may take a bit of repetition to get them completely up to speed. Remember to always practice slow enough to keep it clean. Getting too fast too quickly only produces sloppy playing.

If you guys wanna learn the solos, and believe me they are EPIC, just let me know by liking this video lesson on YouTube. After it gets enough likes to where I think there is enough interest I will transcribe the solos in a video lesson.

I hope you guys enjoying learning this pretty challenging Led Zeppelin song. I will see you guys back here soon with the solo videos!

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  1. I never get tired of this lesson! Its a great one to go back to and refresh the memory on the little techniques Page used. Great work! Love the solo lesson for this song as well!

  2. Good lesson. I recommend using the open d string when you go to the D, F sharp, a.

  3. Carl can u do a lesson on …. In my time of dying

  4. i love strats , but this song needs the sound of the tele or les paul

  5. Love this lesson

  6. yes yes Carl please solos

  7. I want the solos man

  8. He is the Keanu Reeves of the guitar world

  9. Meu amigo, faça o vídeo com os solos, por favor! Obrigado!

  10. First part is basically a power cord on the 7th fret

  11. That last rhythm part sounds very similar to Panteras revolution is my name during one of the breakdown parts on that song.

  12. Great lesson, but im finding that the recorded version's second chorus is played a step above the first chorus. Same arrangement, just a step higher

  13. Ive learned more from you in the last few months than i ever had in the last 25 years Where were you when i was 19 and just getting interested in playing? I can play so many more songs all the way start to finish Thanks keep up the good work Your a great teacher

  14. Great teacher , thanks

  15. After the F# coda , I believe the 2nd Good Times Bad Times " is a whole step key change. Nice playing!

  16. Super job – saved me a lot of time!

  17. Compared to other guitar lessons on Youtube, yours are the most accurate. That's why I have a request to make. There isn't yet any tutorial on Rory Gallagher's "I Fall Apart" and I was wondering if you'd give it a shot, 't would be cool. Thanks 🙂

  18. Another great lesson from Karl…
    Look, no way I'm in his league but just wondering why he wouldn't get away from the awkward "jump" in the main lick by using the open D instead of the 5th string 5th fret? That way one strike on the open D and the next two notes (F# to A on the 4th string) are just quick hammer ons.
    And… damn there are just too many picking options on those little arpeggios… anyone know what Jimmy did?

  19. love your stuff..awsome

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