Gorillaz Feel Good Inc. Guitar AND Bass Lesson + Tutorial

DUN dun nuh nuh DUN DUN Feel Good! Learn Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz for today’s lesson! Breaking down the killer bass line in the song as well as the guitar part for you.

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  1. I taught this while down with the flu so forgive me. It should be frets 2 and 3 instead of 3 and 5 apparently. I have spoken

  2. It was a good tutorial but I think the guitar its not meant to be played with that ska feeling

  3. Anthony Jaden Romero

    Marty HOW MANY time do you have to strum it when you go UP & DOWN??

  4. 5:22 begins the guitar part

  5. B A S S

  6. That’s not the way the is a much easier way and sounds better dissatisfied as took me a week to figure the way thats not it it goes to 3 2 on the A

  7. please marty make a lesson of, Rod Stewart – Young Turks

  8. No hate or anything but I swear it’s played (half step down)
    A: 32___ 0 32
    E: 023 3 0 12


    E: 023 76 5 76 3 0

  9. This is so awesome. I want to buy a bass so badly when I have enough money

  10. Marty is the best

  11. You should try to learn Victor Wooten isn’t she lovely on bass I’m dying to learn that song but I don’t know how

  12. yeee so good

  13. How do you like a video more than 1,000,000 times?

  14. I thought u only played guitar… you keep surprising me…

  15. Could you do a Soul To Squeeze bass lesson please?

  16. That sounds a tad bit wrong

  17. For Bass you could only play with Standard tuning:
    E:0 0 2 3 3 0
    A: 3 2 0 0 3 2

  18. So it goes 0 0 3 5 8 7 5 8 7 3 0? I think im missing one or two

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