Gospel Bass Guitar Lesson: Shout Lick

Just showing y’all some stuff to make your shout run more interesting.


  1. could you do a video for the # system as well as themajors and flats please

  2. wait i thought there was no B-flat???

  3. im a beginner could you do a video giving more insight on gospel playing

  4. thank very much for this lessons, i´m from brazil and God is using you to help to worship the Lord with my bass!

  5. Can you do some bass lessons on Lee Williams Songs?

  6. I am a total begginer at playing the bass i basicly know nothing about it i can play the guitar and i thought in order to know how to play the bass i have to know all the chords but in your last video you said you didnt have to do you mind making a begginer course for playing the bass please… Thank you

  7. Can you post a video of some cool bass runs?

  8. Bem, aqui é o meu e-mail Travisdykesjr@gmail.com se você tiver uma conta no skype que eu poderia ajudá-lo, se não for Skype é gratuito on-line ou eu poderia enviar-lhe algumas cartas que eu tenho que ajudá-lo. Obrigado pela mensagem bro!

  9. Olá Travis Dykes , meu nome é Luis David , queria saber como posso ter seu contato : facebook , email , algum tipo de contato para aulas particulares ou mesmo pela internet.

  10. ..these are good licks for me to use at church… great job

  11. im sorry I meant, that I have problems just playing. so I was asking should I stick with the circle of 4ths and 5ths?

    im not all that new and I feel that I should already be putting these notes together and be playing already.

  12. Aight I'll check out that video, what exactly do you mean? are you saying that you are having issues playing the notes for the plain straight up shout run?

  13. also im still have issuses with just putting notes together and just play. what do you think I should do? stay with the circle of 4ths and 5ths?

  14. Well I've learned that praise break, but the bass part is very plain.. Maybe I looked up the wrong version, what version are you talking about?

  15. Thanks man, glad I could help!

  16. can you break down that praise break by Donald lawerence? its the "giants" praise break.

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