Gospel Guitar Lesson-Popular Chords and Embellishments

Hey guys. Here’s the first in a little series of lessons that i’ll be doing on getting started with gospel guitar. In this first lesson we’ll be covering some popular chords and also how to embellish them and get that classic gospel sound. Have fun with this one! 🙂
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  1. awesome explanation

  2. Nice – enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Thank you man, altos ojos señor

  4. nice lesson….

  5. What pedal are you using

  6. I'm guessing Michigan, doesn't have the Wisconsin ruht sound. I would always ask my northern friends if they ever owned a pair of cowboy buhts… I agree with the other commenter, humor is a blessing, and you are as well. Thank you for sharing this gift @EternalGuitarist

  7. Bro, you're an awesome player!!!!

  8. so atractive

  9. very nice, but every time you say wrut i cringe a lil 🙂

  10. supperb great knowledge thanks

  11. Your guitar sounds so soulful! Coincidentally im looking to getting a new one. What suhr model is that guitar?

  12. who are some gospel guitar players you would recommend listening to?

  13. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy too much wammy

  14. do u need the wammy bar

  15. great video! thx for your insights and time.

  16. Wtf. That is not gospel.

  17. Thanks a lot. can you please write them on document like pdf so we can learn it well?

  18. Your videos are awesome! I've been incorporating these while playing at church. Who are some gospel guitarists and groups I should add to my spotify playlist to listen to the 'groove' as well as embellishments and such?

  19. Great lesson! Granted I'm a keyboardist and not a guitarist but I still watched!

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