Gospel Style Blues Phrasing – Blues Phrasing Guitar Lesson (How to Improvise on guitar) – EP361

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a B.B. King style lead over a Gospel style rhythm track, while focusing on simple phrasing.

To view the Part 2 video, download the tablature, and the MP3 jam tracks for this guitar tutorial, visit: https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/gospel-style-blues-guitar-lesson-how-to-use-simple-phrasing-ep361/
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  1. Ahhh – the sunburst of my dreams! You deserve such a nice axe, Brian. Oh, and the lesson of my dreams to. Thank you, sir.

  2. Beautiful soulful piece and lovely to listen to. I like the fact that the song has a definite ending which matches the backing track – that makes it a really useful piece to learn.

  3. Tommy Rodriguez

    Brian this is the kind of lesson I love sooo much, thanks !!!

  4. Gianriccardo Pera

    To be honest, hearing that sound just confirmed my personal theory: modern guitars are better then the vintage ones.

  5. Great lesson Brian I hear a little “Hard Times” by Clapton

  6. I'm commenting again… Good "blues faces" but not really comparable to my all time hero BB King! Best thing you've ever done! A truebluesman can't help the "blues faces"; lol! A real pleasure to listen to this and play it. I guarantee… that you'll "hear something" while playing it that you want to add; great lesson!

  7. Brian – According to Dan Orkin in an article from 2014 on Reverb.com the sequence goes as follows:
    "Overall, the CBS-era changes can all be described as a shift to a more
    mass-production style of guitar making. Things began to change in late
    1964 and the period from then until the beginning of 1966 is usually
    considered the “transition” period. Guitars from this era can be
    identified by their use of a serial number beginning with an L. The
    stretch from about 1966 until the early ‘80s is considered the true
    CBS-era and the low-point of Fender quality. Guitars and basses from
    late ‘65 to the mid-’70s, can be identified with a serial number that
    begins with an F." Headstocks notwithstanding, I gather.
    Hope this helps to clear things up regarding CBS and Fender. Cheers.
    Great lesson by the way!! Love your phrasing knowledge.

  8. Strat sounds great too!

  9. Reminds me of BB's version of "There Must Be a Better World Somewhere." Great lesson. Thank you.

  10. Alway such a pleasure to listen to your playing !! Have been really wondering what the equipment is on the right hand side as I watch the video (the thing with the blue LCD screen). Would love to find out. Thanks for everything Brian, you really are a great teacher

  11. This type of song is why I joined your premium! It's just amazing. Also, just want to say that your lessons have gotten me over the plateau that I was at, and really made me a much better guitarist, so thank you!

  12. Back in the 70's my high school friend that lived around the corner ,I remember he bought a fender 1962 jass master for 250$.
    He still has it….he looks at it as it's an old $250. Guitar still.
    I told him what it was worth his eyes popped out of head.
    The thing about that guitar
    It literally sounds 1960's.
    Play anything you want and it sounds like 1960's.
    That may be a hindrance to like metal guys.
    But it just sounds pure 1960's.
    You can not make it sound modern .
    It's a very cool guitar STILL

  13. A little hint of Need Your Love So Bad by Peter Greene's Fleetwood Mac.

  14. Clearly not for beginners

  15. The essence of blues, soul and control. Love your work Brian! YouTube’s king of blues. That’s the Strat I want.

  16. I don't understand what you play when you ending 🙁

  17. Please do a rock lesson. Keep up the good work

  18. Sounds just like Peter Green – need your love so bad! A great song.

  19. N House Production and Recording

    When does Brian not play great I believe he sold his soul lol absolutely love this guy

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