Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know Guitar Lesson EXPLORER Tutorial

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know Guitar Lesson EXPLORER Tutorial

In this explorer level guitar lesson we check out some different approaches to playing Somebody That I Used To Know using fingerstyle to play the bass, melody ideas and grooves.

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Video Rating: / 5


  1. Lovely version Justin

  2. Nice one Captain America

  3. Today we’ll be looking at somebody that I used to know

  4. Fak the melody is difficult

  5. Hi Justin. Your guitar lessons are beyond excellent. Can I know what is your guitar model? Brand? Thanks

  6. Sounds good, just don't get what you're on about

  7. Not good at all. U don't know how to explain cleanly. U make it really long and kinda boring

  8. 1st to like

  9. I love the sound of that guitar for some reason

  10. Jon-Nolan (Musician)

    11/29/18: Justin, you are by far the very best teacher I've ever encountered. I especially enjoy how you provide your thoughts and recommendations to the lesson. Well done brother!

  11. Good tutorial but where is the chorus??

  12. 7:15 i can do that melody and bass at the same time 😀

  13. Been playing a long time and I got to say this is a workout. Awesome lesson, it will be fun trying to get the bass rhythm along with the fills.

  14. Arise Sir Justin!

    Damn, you are one hell of a great teacher. Great to really see how you go about figuring out a song like this, really inspirational.

    Huge hugs dude.

  15. Justin your teaching skills are beyond any other I have seen! Two months ago decided to learn guitar, came from not knowing how to hold a guitar to being able to play Fast car fingerstyle by Tracy Chapman all thanks to you, Thanks a lot!
    Could you please teach how to play Tears in Heaven fingerstyle by Eric Clapton if it hasn't been done yet?

  16. Extremely inspiring. Amazing what you can do with 3 chords. thank you

  17. Justin can you show how to play "don't dream its over "

  18. It's great to see a video where the teacher is still learning, there is a tendency to think that they just play everything perfectly straight away.

  19. Very nice, have you heard Michael Chapdelaine's arrangement? It is magical!

  20. Love the Barbar black sheep melody at 5:01 and other parts 😉

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