Grateful Dead – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar lessons – Franklin’s Tower – Jerry Garcia

Solo Lesson


  1. Badass, if I'd known it was this easy I would have learned it years ago.

  2. haven't seen a three finger A in a long time

  3. Hello, I have recently been gifted an acoustic guitar and I love the Grateful Dead. I was just wondering if they have any songs that are more picking than chords. I learned the intro to Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" in no time, and would like to learn a dead song over night. Please help Marty, I know you are very talented and my whole family has learned how to play from your videos and E book.

  4. Thanks Zirb T. For me writing it out helps to understand it quicker. Nothing wrong with the UP / Down method. I think counting in the long run is a better method. Dynamic accents are very important to note too.Have fun!

  5. Fuck u whore

  6. Thank you! You are a wealth of knowledge

  7. ^A^  <D  U  D  D  U  U>  ^G^  <U D U D U>   ^D^  < D U D D U U>   ^G^  <U D U  D  U>   ^A^   <D  U  D  D  U  U>   ^G^   <U  D  U  D  U>     <chord progression>  <A   G    D    G    A     G    D    G>      I think.  My buddy needed a toke.  I had to slow the video…that's what we came up with…?  And btw, Marty, you sound very fluid at .25 speed.  Quite comical, laughed till dawn :-)Constructive input welcomed, all others…..a toke is highly suggested. (pun intended)

  8. Had a very tough time trying to figure out, so I thought it would help to post what we got.  Thanx for all the great videos Marty!!!!  Keep up the excellent work.

  9. So what is the pattern ? Got lost

  10. Could u show how to play miracles by stone sour on acoustic?

  11. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Marty.

  12. "HEY! What's up guys?!"

  13. I completely agree

  14. if marty hasnt made a video of it, i wait until he does to learn it because everyone else sucks


    your welcome.

  16. love it. great tutorial.. so simple

  17. Give lover

  18. i know, whenever i look up a song tutorial and i see that marty made one, im like YAY! I can learn this!

  19. Really enjoy your lessons Marty, thanks.

  20. Hell yeah! Easy Grateful Dead! Thank you!

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