Grateful Dead – Friend Of The Devil Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Jerry Garcia

Come over to the good side and learn how to play Grateful Dead’s classic, Friend of the Devil on acoustic guitar!

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  1. Thank you, Marty. Great song with transferable skills!

  2. What about the “Got two reasons why I cry on each lonely night” part? I believe there are different chords to that part of the song. Nevermind figured it out

  3. Very nice!!

  4. Morgan Jonsdottir

    One of the best videos I've seen on FOD. Been trying to figure it out for years. Thanks mucho!!

    Heard they were forced to take this verse out on recording. Hence, "Got a wife in Chino" verse is in twice.

    Borrowed from the Devil and I've borrowed from my friends.
    Devil gives me twenty bills, my friends just give me ten.

  5. Can is be played on electric

  6. More Grateful Dead!!!!

  7. Thanks so much for this lesson!!

  8. Marty, thanks for this lesson and your Bertha lesson on the other channel. Having seen over 250 shows with Jerry, and only recently picked up the six string (played bass on and off for 25 years by ear) seriously at 59 years old, your lessons have gotten me actually playing guitar in less than 6 months and sounding like songs since I know the lyrics to just about every dead/Jerry/Phil/Bobby song by heart. Your style of teaching is fun and intuitive if the chords are practiced. Started watching and by then end of the 3rd time I had the song down. THANKS Bro! More dead when you get to it. G

  9. More dead(:

  10. I like it but I play it differently. I start on D :}

  11. Very clear, understanding and useful . Moreover u r a guitar wizard

  12. Can you do box of rain

  13. Great lesson..thx! More Dead please!

  14. Can you do going down the road feelin bad

  15. how do pepel come up with this!!!
    thx for the vid rely helpd

  16. alicestillwonders

    Can you teach Box of rain …please

  17. alicestillwonders


  18. Can someone tell me how you get this just by looking at a chord sheet? I really try to stay away from tabs, but chord sheets dont tell HOW to pick the chords..and Im not trying to just strum. And all the sheet music is just the melody. Please help.

  19. More Grateful Dead please… love it 🙂

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