Grateful Dead – How to Play – Ripple – Acoustic Songs on Guitar – Guitar Lessons Jerry Garcia

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Grateful Dead – How to Play – Ripple – Acoustic Songs on Guitar – Guitar Lessons


  1. Matrix Adjustment

    Muuuurty thanks bud, Been playing my own way but ppl want to hear original.

  2. Edward Michaels

    Yea Marty!!!

  3. ya going back into the Marty vault for a classic.  Every acoustic player should know this one.  Thanks for breaking it down!

  4. great lesson! thanks alot

  5. Sorry for the continual post but it's great

  6. Thanks for simplifying. And explaining everything

  7. I'm only on a couple of minutes and you put me in the right direction. I'm very thankful. I m having fun learning. Yay

  8. Marty, Always great lesson of our favorite songs!

  9. Hey dude did you go to Mesa elementary school in Covina?

  10. go Marty!

  11. Dude! I love the way you walk through the songs and explain things from a basic pov. Like the fact that the g major and e minor pentatonic scale are the same and that's why to play the g chord. I was just putting this together myself the other night and you just confirmed it for me. Total A HA! moment and I thank you.

  12. Thank you for sharing your knowledge man, i love this song.
    Greetings from Chile and Let there be songs to fill the air <3


  14. Rachelle Lecompte élève

    Thanks you really help me learn more but you go a little to fast 🙁

  15. Thanks Marty!

  16. Marty – great lesson – thanks!

  17. Thanx for the guitar mojo. Is there a place to donate to your efforts?

  18. Desiree Cordova

    did you make another video about using a digital head with no one to them I went through all my teeth are and I'm your sister alone did you use it at your door I'm settled and figured you could use about no one to no one no one when you're on your way cuz I don't got nothing about one that not one and three 5630 little

  19. here's a little bit about my lead guitar player I'm his rhythm guitarist and drummer

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