Grateful Dead – Truckin’ – Guitar Lesson, Tutorial

Grateful Dead - Truckin' - Guitar Lesson, Tutorial

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Hey what’s up you guys, Marty Schwartz here with “MartyMusic” hope you are all doing well! Here’s a new lesson for The Grateful Dead’s “Truckin'” Very much based in the blues but with some fun “twists”! Thanks again for watching and supporting “MartyMusic”



  1. Thanks so much for supporting "MartyMusic" also tons of FREE courses at

  2. Marty! Great video as usual! Can you do a video on machine gun man by Zakk Wylde??

  3. Til the Morning Comes from American Beauty would be much appreciated!

  4. Amirhossein Rafati

    Hi Marty !

    I really appreciate all the work you put in these videos and breaking complex songs into easy peaces.

    I wanted to have a request for “Shape of my heart “ by sting. There are already some video lessons on it from other folks on YouTube but those lessons are still too difficult for someone like me. I think only you can teach it in a simple way that me and other people can learn to play.

    Thanks again !

  5. Michał Książek

    Could you do a lesson on Blood Brothers by Iron Maiden ?

  6. Can you please do a lesson on When the smoke is going down for accoustic

  7. Summertime played by Doc Watson Please Marty!

  8. Mariel Anderson

    Could you post a tab/chords for this?? It helps to look at it in print 🙂

  9. Awesome lesson thank you very much you definitely cleared up the part B section with its intricate changes…… most of your Dead songs aren't viral like lots of other songs but us deadheads out here freaking appreciate you bro for helping us on these songs…….

  10. Made my dad cry, he's the biggest deadhead, we walked past and heard me truckin aha

  11. can you do mannish boy by hendrix

  12. Do Elliott smith -A Fond Farewell

  13. How about a lesson on Dark Star? Just kidding.

  14. Next dead tune you do can you do Brokedown Palace?

  15. So Marty.. is it possible for you to teach us DJANGO by Joe Bonomassa?

  16. Sympa merci!

  17. Thanks Marty its one of their best songs

  18. Eline Destreel

    YES love this song

  19. Can you teach the Stevie Ray Vaughan version of hideaway please Marty thank you.

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