Gravity – John Mayer – Guitar Lesson – Intro (Part 1) – How to play

This is the intro. I break it down nice and easy so that it is easier to understand.
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  1. is it different to bend in classical guitar ( nylon string)?

  2. u suk bro

  3. Muy buen tutorial Jorge, estaba buscando como tocar esta canción y no pensé que hicieras de estos tutoriales, muchas gracias Jorge Saludos eres grande…….

  4. part 2
    i need part 2 man

  5. Acoustic metal string guitars are not good for bending.. do not try to bend on this guitar cause it sounds ugly

  6. Rochelle Commander

    Thank you for taking your time out to post these videos. This is my favorite song I love to sing at karaoke & recently want to play on the guitar. I'm a beginner -beginner and you've broken it down so that even I can understand at my stage (from playing skip to my lou). Keep up the great work & thank you so much again ! Keep the love, passion & drive ;)

  7. what happened to your John mayer daughter tutorial?

  8. This was very helpful , thank you so much.

  9. Lesson? Really?

  10. Thx man this really helps. Ur great a guitar and I love this song

  11. Where is part 2? This was a good tutorial

  12. I love this!!!! Hahaha! Thank you so much for posting this!

  13. soz dood but dont sing!!!!!!! or play guitar like that

  14. have anyone told you before , that u look like johnny depp ?

  15. the worst guitar lesson ever

  16. you're the best!

  17. Please upload part 2!!!!!!

  18. yeass. finished learning…my guitar is now covered in blood

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