Green Day – 21 Guns – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Drue James

Easy acoustic guitar lesson for 21 Guns by Green Day. This acoustic version uses a handful of open chords and a few simple rhythm patterns. Learn the “fingerstyle instrumental” of this song here:

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  1. Adele Crazy For You?

  2. Sebastian Robles

    play moon river fingerstyle pls..!! 🙂

  3. Can you please make a tutorial for unwell by matchbox 20. I've tried using other tutorials, but your teaching style works the best for me.

  4. chiranjiv sahdev

    please make a video of last of us theme song!

  5. litterally learned this at school. didn't even need my guitar that's how good your tutorials are. When I got home could nearly get it perfect

  6. Very nice Drue!!!! Love it!!! And your approach to teaching. Thanks for this!

  7. could you please do don't follow by alice in chains? I cant find any good videos anywhere and yours always seem to be super good

  8. Thanks Drue! This is awesome.

  9. Marilyn Blandford

    great lesson Drue. Thanks!

  10. Hi ya mate, I am in the US Florida to be exact( my kids are British and I am American Scottish/ Irish) wish I could go to UK more than anything in the world but I am in Love with your videos so easy to hear and learn. I've had my guitar for 4 days and I can already play up to 8 songs not exactly perfectly but quite good enough I've been watching every single video. I am addicted but I see you use a capos and I cant play many of the songs. I looked at prices and its expense isn't in the kitty for me right now  lol What can I do//

  11. Sounds more like the recording without a capo

  12. DRUE,, What size of plectrum you're using in this tutorial?

  13. Do more green day

  14. Jose De La Pena

    You've uploaded this video a couple of time James, is there a difference?

  15. Классный туториал

  16. Hey Drue James!!You're one hella good teacher! Can you make a tutorial on the song "It might be you" ?

  17. Nathan Montagnani

    More green day please 🙂

  18. nice, do the Oh darlin what have i've done by the white buffalo

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