Green Day American Idiot Guitar Lesson

Green Day American Idiot Guitar Lesson

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  1. This was so descriptive and easy to follow! I love this so much!

  2. Could you please do Shot Down In Flames by AC/DC? All time favorite AC/DC song.

  3. U sing better than I do

  4. Awesome song and awesome t shirt

  5. Plz do king for a day by green day

  6. Ryd'n With Ryder

    Only been on this channel five minutes and i can already see a lot of dedication goes into these videos. And i'm not just saying that because every comment says how hard you work, its because im barely know anything about guitar and you have just showed me how to play a whole song. If you can teach the everyday person that visits this channel that's saying something… keep up the great work. Subscribed and liked!

  7. What's the strumming pattern? Is it down up??

  8. Marty can you do a lesson for 2000 light years away, or going to pasalacqua

  9. Ultimate fisherman

    Too dumb too die Green day

  10. i want to learn how to play electric guitar but i think its to hard and to expensive. is there any cheap guitars and is it easy to learn?

  11. What pedal do I need to play this?

  12. That’s the exact guitar I have

  13. Could you do a tutorial on holiday by green day

  14. RidoxWuzHere Youtube


  15. Can you do an acoustic lesson on so far away by A7X? Love your lessons Marty

  16. omg ı cant reach that note with my pinky finger

  17. whats your amp setting?

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